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Aidan Goatley: 10 Films With My Dad

How do fathers & sons communicate? Sports? Cars? The Jeremy Kyle show? For Aidan and his dad it was films. Join Aidan as he takes you through his 5 star internationally performed Edinburgh fringe show from John Wayne to 3D to show how 2 men grew up with the help of popcorn and Hollywood. 'Charmingly Funny' The…

Thu 24 Nov

Comedians Cinema Club V For Ven

Special guest stand-ups improvise an anarchic recreation of the film V For Vendetta.

Sat 5 Nov

Free / 020 7226 2572

Iain & Kath's Performance Ring

Hosts of the late night show on, Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle present a unique night in entertainment. The majority of the acts performing will be listeners to the show who want to 'have a go'. Some may be professionals, some have only performed a handful of times while the majority have…

Sun 30 Oct

Iain & Kath's Performance Ring Christmas Special

Ho Ho Ho. It's happening again. A show where the listeners show off their talents. Hosted by Iain Lee & Katherine Boyle, the last event sold out in 6 hours, do NOT miss out on this one!

The Monarch's Day Of The Dead Comedy Cabaret!

A night of terrifying entertainment hosted by everyone's favourite figment from a nightmare, with house band The Bloodlines. John-Luke "Frightening" Roberts!" Tony "Spooky" Law! Paddy "What's he done to Jonny?" Gervers! Helen "Headless" Cripps! Abigoliah "Doing something death defying" Schamaun! Danielle "Contains A…


What better way to spent Halloween than with a load of comedians telling spooky, weird and unsettling stories that their own warped brains have invented? Hosted by twisty weirdo Danielle Ward, creator of silly comedy horrors Psister Psycho, Gutted and Play Dead, she has chosen her very favourite creeps for a night of…

Mon 31 Oct

Stuart Laws (1hr show)

Stuart's 2016 Edinburgh Fringe show is on in London for one night only… Stuart Laws is the guy who does all the comedy at Turtle Canyon Comedy and supported James Acaster on tour loads. He's also surprised everyone by getting on to his fourth hour. He can't really go into it but expect tales from the summer of 2001…

Thu 27 Oct

£5 / 020 7226 2572