8 Albion Street, Manchester, M1 5NZ

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Improvisational comedy from two teams who are battling it out for laughs by creating sketches, songs and all kinds of scenes from audience suggestions.

Sun 5 Mar

£8.80 some concessions

Sun 9 Apr

£8.80 some concessions

Sun 7 May

£8.80 some concessions

Don't Cha Wish Your Scouser Was Boss Like Me?

'Don't Cha Wish Your Scouser Was Boss Like Me' follows Kate's social struggle through 6th form. A tart with a heart, she is the queen of an awkward situation and as a result never seems to get the guy! Fails, shares, likes and hash-tags, a satirical look at how our nation is obsessed with living life through their…

Reallife Theatre Double Bill

Accident of Birth by Trevor Suthers In the confines of Broadmoor, Anthony is struggling to make sense of the actions which have led to his detention and asks to meet his birth-mother, Margaret. The play looks at how we are all shaped by the circumstances of our birthing and the influence of our genetic inheritance, for…

Tandem Productions Short Plays

A series of short plays Maids of Suburbia, Sugared Armour and Closure