Raven Chocolate

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Raven Chocolate
Unit 19, Flemington Industrial Estate, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire, G72 7NT
  • Telephone 07834 628059
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  • Website www.ravenchocolate.co.uk
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Micro-batches of single origin bean-to-bar chocolate are ground from cacao beans sourced directly from family farms and cooperatives, and sold online. Launched in summer 2015, Raven’s elegant square bars come hand-wrapped in illustrated paper; flavoured with ingredients including coconut, mint and salted peanut, they are generally dairy-free and vegan – but not always, as a bar featuring dried grasshoppers proves. Ingredients are stripped back to essentials; the mint bar, for example, is made from just cacao, cacao butter, sugar and mint oil. Real hot chocolate comes in little solid pieces that you melt in milk (or coconut milk, if you are vegan).

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