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Decadently Pure
47 Mavis Bank, Bathgate, West Lothian, EH48 4GY
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Ros Milligan’s ‘raw’, free-from chocolate was developed with her experience of family food intolerances in mind. The base ingredients are simply raw organic cacao nibs, raw organic cacao butter, organic coconut sugar and Himalayan salt, to which she adds organic extracts and textures to flavour her bars, chocolates and truffles. Unlike most raw chocolate, it is tempered to ‘snap’ like the real deal, but the organic-certified stoneground products aim to retain the antioxidants of the Peruvuan Criollo cacao nibs without adding dairy, wheat, soya, gluten or refined sugar. Ros also makes snack bars with similar goals in mind, including the salted caramel pecan oaty fudge bar, filled with raw chocolate and peanut ganache. Find them online, or at events listed on the website.

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  • Open since: 2014