Wilson's of Westray

Wilson's of Westray
Noltland Farm, Westray, Orkney Islands, KW17 2DW
  • Telephone 01857 677883
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  • Website www.wilsonsofwestray.co.uk
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Originally from South Africa, dairy farming couple Nina and Jason Wilson have run farms all over the UK from Lincolnshire to Dumfries before settling down on their own plot of land in the remote Orkney island of Westray in 2011. Converting a former beef farm into a dairy took time, and getting their unpasteurised Westray Wife cheese approved by environmental agencies took almost as long, but as of autumn 2015 they are fully up and running – their cheese is available throughout Westray, with hopes to make it down to the Scottish mainland in due course. Their herd of 24 Ayrshire cows grazes on certified organic grassland in the shadow of the ruined 16th century Noltland castle, and the creamy milk is then formed into mild and mature cheeses named after a 5000-year-old Venus figurine that was found on the farm land in 2009.