Nic's NYC Deli

Nic's NYC Deli
183 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 2UL
  • Average price £7 (lunch)
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Photo of Nic's NYC Deli
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The owners have now replaced all three of their former Crêpe à Croissant venues about town with the Nic’s NYC Deli concept. They are all well placed to get plenty of customers for the range of US-influenced food that is riding high on the trendy dining agenda in town. With the griddles used for crêpes now utilised for cooking up pancake stacks with various smotherings, there is little remant of the former shops now taken over by a range of hot dogs and US-sized sangers such as the Elvis, featuring peanut butter, banana and bacon, or the Triple Bypass with slow-cooked barbecue pork, tattie scone and black pudding. And, of course, there’s doughnuts, too – even some with savoury fillings, and a regular mystery number. It isn’t going to help out with the exercise regime, but it’ll put a smile on your face and be a good excuse for a lie down after a visit.

  • Average price: £7 (lunch)