Saltire Organic Meat Company

Saltire Organic Meat Company
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A collaboration between two of Scotland's most respected farmers, the Saltire Organic Meat Co was set up in September 2013 to better market the Soil Association-accredited beef from Peelham and Newmiln farms. The first is run by Chris and Denise Walton and Amanda Cayley, and Newmiln is the home of Hugh and Sascha Grierson. Both businesses have long sold independently: to chefs, from farmers' markets, online and, in the case of the Griersons, direct from the farm. Joining forces gives the volume required to make it easier for public sector or other large scale caterers to source organic Scottish beef. Both farms have a similar ethos of producing the highest quality product possible, with emphasis on animal welfare. All meat is reared on the farms from birth, and then prepared on on-site butcheries, giving maximum traceability.

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