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Scottish Charcuterie Company
7 Moorfield Park, Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, KA2 0FE
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Launched in April 2014, the Scottish Charcuterie Company is the offspring of the Braehead Foods production kitchen. Now with its own shiny factory for making and hanging its salami and air-dried meats, the product line is all made with Scottish ingredients. There are venison and pork chorizos, and a range of salami: venison; Romano (named after one of the company founders, Roman, who has been making charcuterie since he joined the family business in 1969) made with pork, wine, garlic and cracked black pepper; wild boar, wine and fennel, and pork, wine and fennel. Finally, game sausages aren't strictly charcuterie, but with Braehead's background in game dealing it makes sense that they sell those too. The meats are mixed, shaped and fermented for four to six days, then hung until maturation, and can be bought from Braehead Foods.

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The Scottish Charcuterie Company, established in 2014, introduced a new range of pork and venison charcuterie to the Scottish market. The offspring of Scottish fine foods supplier Braehead Foods, the company currently produces a range of six core products at their finely tuned, temperature-controlled facility in Kilmarnock. While customers may think of charcuterie as being continental, this is a product made using traditional methods in Scotland using Scottish ingredients. With a unique blend of spices, created by founder member Roman, the range includes venison and pork chorizo made with garlic, smoked paprika and wine, and a wild boar salami with red wine and fennel seeds. The charcuterie is available to purchase from Braehead Foods.

  • Open since: 2014

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