Balta Island Seafare

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Balta Island Seafare
Baltasound, Unst, Shetland Islands, ZE2 9DX
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The most northerly fish farm in Britain, Balta Island Seafare were also the first in Shetland to gain organic certification from the Soil Association. They have been suppliers of certified organic salmon since 1999. A policy of low stocking densities, coupled with the tidal nature of the sites and geographical isolation from other salmon farming companies have meant that the use of chemical treatments to control sea-lice or medicinal remedies to control disease have never been needed. Since 1998 Balta Island Seafare and Skaw Smolts (the northernmost hatchery in Britain) have been working together have worked together to establish systems and procedures which allows the production of fish certified organic by the Soil Association. The entire farming cycle is organic. The smolts are produced from eggs that have been stripped from organically farmed broodstock. The fish in seawater cages are stocked at low densities, no more than 10kg of fish per cubic metre of seawater. No medical treatments are used in this process. Organic fish are fed by hand and the feed is purely organic and GM-free. It contains no artificial colouring and includes 10% shrimp, a natural source of pigment in the diet of wild salmon - this results in a paler fish colour. For information on price and availability of salmon, contact Balta Island Seafare's sales agent, Salmac Sales Ltd, on or 01224 626261.