Taste Shetland

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Taste Shetland
Taste Shetland Shetland Livestock Marketing Group Ltd Staneyhill, Lerwick, Shetland Islands, ZE1 ONA
  • Telephone 01595 696770
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  • Website www.tasteshetland.com/index
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Taste Shetland is the trading arm of the Shetland Livestock Marketing Group, a cooperative of some 300 Shetland farmers dedicated to marketing meat farmed in the Shetlands, including beef and mutton but especially lamb. The cooperative promotes Shetland lamb through marketing efforts and sells meat from its online shop, as well as supplying retailers and the food industry and operating a QMS-assured abattoir in Laxfirth. Shetland sheep are smaller than most breeds and naturally leaner, with a sweeter and more delicate flavour than other varieties. Shetland lamb has Protected Designation of Origin status from the European Commission. Taste Shetland divides Shetland lamb into three different brands for marketing purposes: Island, Hill and Seaweed. Island sheep have been crossed with UK breeds such as Texel, Cheviot and Suffolk to produce heavier and more muscled carcases. Hill lamb has been allowed to forage in the heather hills, roaming greater distances and eating different varieties of grass for more flavour. Seaweed lamb is sourced from crofters whose farms border on the shoreline, giving the sheep the opportunity to graze on seaweed, which in turn adds a unique depth of flavour.