Shetland Catch Ltd

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Shetland Catch Ltd
Gremista, Lerwick, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0PX
  • Telephone 01595 695740
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Shetland Catch are a pelagic fish factory situated in Shetland, close to the centre of the source of their product: major fishing area 27. They receive mackerel and herring at their facility in Lerwick and supply them to the domestic and international markets. Mackerel and herring are caught using a combination of trawling and purse seine fishing, and are delivered to the processing facility using methods designed to handle the fish as little as possible. No chemicals are used in the preservation process and the company's declared aim is to keep the product flowing, with storage times kept to a minimum. The company transports its processed and packed fish by reefer ship to Holland, for distribution throughout Europe and the rest of the world.