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Grieg Seafood Hjaltland UK Ltd
Gremista, Shetland Islands, ZE1 0PX
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Grieg Seafood Hjaltland Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grieg Seafood ASA. The group has four separate functions that operate as a unit: Hjaltland Hatcheries (smolt production); Hjaltland Seafarms (farming and production); Lerwick Fish Traders (processing) and Shetland Products (sales and marketing).Together, they are the leading salmon producer in Shetland, rearing over one third and processing over 60 per cent of the islands' total production. Salmon is sold under the WildWaters brand name, exported worldwide as well as sold to the domestic food service, retail and wholesale markets. Salmon is sold fresh and smoked in a variety of cures. Organic smoked salmon is also available, as is a kosher-certified variety.