The Ethical Shellfish Company

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The Ethical Shellfish Company
Aros Mains, Isle of Mull, Argyll and Bute, PA72 6JP
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The Ethical Shellfish Company was established in April 2010 by husband and wife team Guy and Juliet Grieve from their home on the Isle of Mull. Concerned to see the damage that invasive fishing methods were having on the seabed, they set up this fishing company with a difference, which pledges to support fishermen using sustainable methods. The core product is hand-dived Isle of Mull scallops, fished from their own boat around Mull and the surrounding islands. Periodically, they also supply lobster, langoustine and crab, all creel caught by local fishermen whose methods are guaranteed 100% ethically sound. Divers gather scallops to order, ensuring they don’t take more than needed and using measures to ensure that only large and medium sized scallops are caught. Small scallops that are within legal landing size and thus could be sold are instead returned to the sea alive to allow them to grow and spawn. As scallops are hand-picked, there is no bycatch or knock-on damage to marine plants or animals. Shellfish is delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes to prevent unnecessary waste and pollution.