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Arran Dairies Ltd
Market Road Brodick, Isle of Arran, North Ayrshire, KA27 8AU
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Arran Dairies Ltd use only milk from dairy cows grazed on the grasslands in the south of Arran for Arran dairy ice cream. Marketed primarily through Taste of Arran, a group of food producers based on the Isle of Arran, by modern standards this is a small dairy operation. It has been pasteurising and bottling milk and cream for around 25 years. The difference is that unlike most processed milk, Arran Dairies do not homogenise their milk, so it still has an old-fashioned 'cream line', and the milk retains its creamy taste. Further, the fat content in Arran milk is not standardised to 3.5%, but varies according to the season, ranging from 3.9% in the winter to 4.3% in the summer. The dairy produces whole, semi and skimmed milks and double cream, as well as Italian-style ice cream. Bespoke ice-creams and sorbets can be created.

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20 Mar 2015

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For an area with such a rich history in dairy farming and production, it’s perhaps little wonder that ice cream making is booming in Ayrshire. You can sample scoops in common and exotic flavours galore up and down the region. In the north west…