Thomas Tunnock Ltd

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Thomas Tunnock Ltd
34 Old Mill Road, Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, G71 7HH
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Located in the heart of Uddingston, this is the iconic brand's production facility for signature lines, including the Teacake and Caramel Wafer.

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The Tunnock’s factory is an iconic sight in Uddingston, just as their cakes, wafers and biscuits (including the classic Teacake and the Caramel Wafer) are much loved and lovingly consumed across the country. They've been in business since 1890 but the signature products date from the 1950s, when sugar and fat rationing meant that products with longer shelf-lives than cakes had to be produced. Now they export to over 30 countries on six continents. Just across the road from the factory, on the Main Street (number 43), they have a small bakery/coffee shop which sells the usual cakes, sausage rolls and the like, alongside a celebratory selection of all the products from the business and a small range of Tunnock’s merchandise too.