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Eat Balanced
Pavillion 3 Finnieston Business Park Minerva Way, Glasgow, G3 8AU
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Eat Balanced make nutritionally balanced frozen pizzas, each containing 30% of the daily nutrients recommended in UK government guidelines. Current toppings are spicy chicken, cheese and tomato and ham and pineapple. Each pizza contains optimal levels of the main nutrients: fat, protein, carbs, sugars, fibre, sodium (in salt), iron, calcium, zinc, folates, vitamins A and C. In order to avoid excessive salt content, half the salt in the pizzas is replaced by seaweed, which has less than 10% of the sodium content of salt, and adds many other important nutrients such as iron, iodine and vitamin B12.The pizzas contain no added chemicals or preservatives, and use unbleached, untreated wheat flour.