Campbells Shortbread

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Campbells Shortbread
North Ancaster Square, Callander, Stirling, FK17 8BL
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Scotland's oldest bakery business was established in 1830. Campbells' all-butter shortbread is gift-packed in many varieties and sold worldwide. Campbells products are made without colourings, flavours or preservatives and all are suitable for vegetarians, using 100% pure butter with no margarine or animal or vegetable fats. The current Campbells shortbread range includes cartons and tins of shortbread, novelty gift tins, snack packs of shortbread fingers and several flavours of cookies. Highland Shortbread and MacDonalds are Campbells' alternative brands, producing everyday packs of shortbread collections, petticoat tails, fingers and chocolate chip shortbread in a variety of packaging.