Shortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd

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Shortbread House of Edinburgh Ltd
25 Tennant Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5NA
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Shortbread House is a family-run business which was taken over by its current owners in 1989. It supplies a range of luxury shortbreads to the online, retail and catering markets in the UK and abroad. Shortbread House emphasises quality over quantity, baking all products to order and using earlier Best Before dates than other companies to ensure that products are consumed in peak condition. Between 2002 and 2012, the company's core product, Original Recipe Shortbread, won six Great Taste Gold awards. The Original Recipe Shortbread is both the company's core product and also the basis for its other shortbreads, which come in a variety of flavours. The company also makes a range of shortbread bites, the popular Oatie biscuits, and Dundee and Malt Whisky Cakes. All products are available in retail and catering sizes & packaging, as well as individually. The company also features a Percent Range. 10% of the net profits from sales of this range go towards a different charity every year.

Reviews & features

Taste Test: Biscuits

23 Jul 2009

Duchy Original’s Sweet Oaten and Heather Honey • 12 biscuits (150g) for £1.99 With the Duchy crest stamp there’s an refined elegance to this one, though whether it’s more than an upmarket digestive is open to question. As with a number of Duchy…