Thistly Cross Cider

Thistly Cross Cider
South Belton, Dunbar, East Lothian, EH42 1RG
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Thistly Cross Cider was established in 2008 and produces a range of ciders for the bar & restaurant, retail, wholesale and online shopping markets. The company uses champagne yeasts and matures its cider for five months to produce a traditional product in two different ranges, traditional and flavoured. The Original brand (7.2% ABV) comes in either still or slightly sparkling; the Traditional brand (4.4% ABV) has a lower alcohol content making it a session cider; the Whisky Cask brand (4.0% ABV) has been matured in single malt whisky barrels for flavour and is proving highly popular in the US market. Flavoured varities include Elderflower, Strawberry and Ginger.

Reviews & features

Taste Test: Cider

9 Jul 2009

Thistly Cross Cider Belhaven Fruit Farm, from Edinburgh Farmers’ Market and Cornelius Beers and Wines, 18–20 Easter Road, Edinburgh, £2.70 •••• Scotland’s first cider from the makers of Belhaven Fruit Ice, this cider is described as ‘Scottish and…