Nairn's Oatcakes Ltd.

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Nairn's Oatcakes Ltd.
90 Peffermill Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5UU
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Baking oatcakes since 1888, Nairn's use only wholegrain oats grown in the Scottish Borders (except for gluten-free products). They now make a range of oatcakes, oat biscuits, oaty bakes and gluten-free foods, all free of artificial colourings, flavours and preservatives. One of Scotland's best known brands, Nairn's are widely stocked throughout the UK and internationally.

Reviews & features

Taste Test: Biscuits

23 Jul 2009

Duchy Original’s Sweet Oaten and Heather Honey • 12 biscuits (150g) for £1.99 With the Duchy crest stamp there’s an refined elegance to this one, though whether it’s more than an upmarket digestive is open to question. As with a number of Duchy…

Oat Cuisine: a selection of Scotland's definitive biscuit

1 May 2009

Oatcakes are the definitive Scottish biscuit, but there’s a vast range. The Larder got together with Mary Contini in the Valvona & Crolla Food Hall in Jenners to sample a selection.