The Drambuie Liqueur Company Ltd

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The Drambuie Liqueur Company Ltd
Hillwood House Corstorphine, Edinburgh, EH12 6UX
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Drambuie Liqueur Company produce Drambuie, the world's bestselling Scotch whisky liqueur, made from malt whisky, honey, herbs and spices and a crucial ingredient in the quintessential Rat Pack cocktail the Rusty Nail. Drambuie is available in four varieties: the basic version; Drambuie 15 (which uses 15-year-old Speyside malts as a basis); the limited edition The Royal Legacy of 1745; and the even more limited and ultra-expensive The Jacobite Collection, which consists of a blend of 21-year-old whiskies which are blended and matured for a further 24 years before being packaged in a lead crystal decanter with a hand-etched glass in a presentation box.