The Chocolate Library

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The Chocolate Library
28B Eglinton Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 5BY
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The Chocolate Library makes chocolate with a literary theme, with personalised bars available and a selection of Bars of the Month with different wrapper designs. The chocolate is made with couverture chocolate sourced in Belgium and moulded into bars in the UK; the milk chocolate is minimum 35% cocoa content and the dark chocolate is minimum 70% cocoa content. Chocolate Library products are available from the company's own retail outlet in Edinburgh, from their online shop or from other retail outlets. Unusually for a chocolate company, Chocolate Library does not produce a wide range of different types of chocolate; the variety lies in the design and the way the company's packaging varies, including a series devoted to celebrating Scottish landmarks and culture. The unique bar design incorporates a flap that allows the chocolate bar to double up as a mini book (in a style evocative of Edward Young's design of the original Penguin Books). Promotional designs are available and the company also produces chocolate for private label clients.