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Rebellion Bar
2B Whitworth Street, Manchester, M1 5WZ
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The Browning

The American electronicore quartet from Dallas, Texas perform songs from their most recent album Isolation.

Tue 28 Feb

£10 / 07460 757477


Standing for Camp Kill Yourself, this metal trio provided the soundtrack to a bunch of skateboarding films and helped kick off the Jackass phenomenon (unsurprising as they feature Bam's brother Jess Margera in the lineup).

Tue 16 May

Prices to be confirmed / 0141 332 1120


Jess Margera, Chad I Ginsburg and Matt Deis make up the three-piece rock out from Philadelphia.

Tue 16 May

£15 / 07460 757477


The four-piece from Auckland, New Zealand, fronted by Jennie Skulander, brings its alternative metal originals to the UK's stages. Support from Sumo Cyco.

Tue 14 Mar

£12 / 07460 757477

Dilated Peoples

The Swedish hard rock band, formed by singer and guitarist Pontus Snibb in Malmo in 2006 bring their Flames tour to Birmingham as it continues its mission to perform hard rock the way it's supposed to be played. Support comes from Tequila Mockingbyrd and Killer Bee.

Wed 15 Mar

Times to be confirmed / Phone for prices / 07460 757477


Jungle and drum & bass night.

Sat 15 Apr

£10 in advance / 07460 757477

Featuring Amit, Outrage, Dub One, Mantra, Djinn and Artilect.


The four-piece from Denver, Colorado, performs up-tempo thrash metal.

Sun 2 Apr

£15 / 07460 757477

With Warbringer, Gorod and Exmortus.

He is Legend

North Carolina rock'n'rollers.

Mon 8 May

£12 / 07460 757477

Hed PE

California group perform rapcore originals.

Tue 18 Apr

£14 / 07460 757477

Napalm Death

Ear-splitting sonic assault from the thrash metal heroes and inventors of grindcore.

Thu 11 May

Prices to be confirmed / 07460 757477

The One Hundred

Crushing electronic metal.

Sat 13 May

£8 / 07460 757477

Sh!t Lesb!an D!sco

Bangin' DJs, awesome live music and visuals.

Fri 28 Apr

£5–£12 / 07460 757477