Pickled in Scotland

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Pickled in Scotland
19 Windsor Place, Edinburgh, EH15 2AJ
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Going a step further than jam (though they do that too), Pickled in Scotland preserve seasonal fruit from allotments, gardens, orchards, hedgerows and Scottish growers. They have three main ranges: Drink or Drizzle cordials in flavours including gooseberry & mint, strawberry & cinnamon and raspberry & star anise, for diluting, drizzling over ice cream or using in cocktails; Bumblebrew children's fruit drinks, and Scottish Fruit Cheese. This is preserved fruit with sugar, set to a mould and left to ripen for a couple of weeks - like the better known quince jelly, it goes with dairy cheese, and is made with quince, plums, gooseberries and apples. Other producers also commission them to make own-label preserves that will then be sold at markets and farm shops. Find Pickled in Scotland products at Earthy Foods in Edinburgh, through Green City Whole Foods, and on Cook's Delight's stall at Why Not? in North Berwick.

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