Sugar Wings

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Sugar Wings
Sugar Wings
Glasgow, G40 3PG
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Stacey Hannah learnt the ropes as an assistant chocolatier for luxury London-based Rococo Chocolates, and worked as a pastry chef before going full time with her own chocolate company. Her chocolates, confectionary and macarons have a finesse that nods to this background: completely hand-crafted, she tempers her chocolate the old-fashioned way, on a marble slab. Her range includes sophisticated flavours and unusual combinations: a Morello cherry & black cavendish tobacco truffle here, a gin and cranberry marshmallow there, Hebridean smoked sea salt caramels, orange and allspice berry fudge, and vegan-friendly, gluten-free pâte de fruit. Hannah sells from Glasgow's Merchant Square craft and design market every Saturday and Sunday, and takes orders for corporate events, weddings and other special occasions.

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