The Codfather

The Codfather
3–5a Sciennes, Edinburgh, EH9 1NH
Photo of The Codfather
in association with
Birra Moretti

Not only is the comedy name backed up by a sign that features a fish of decidedly Corleoni-esque appearance, but this Meadows-side fish bar also serves up real quality too, with the fryers able to elevate the humble haddock to a Don-like eminence. Despite the name suggesting an emporium of all things piscine, curries are actually the mainstay of the Codfather’s output, and the menu is bursting with kormas, biryanis and vindaloos. Those keen to combine their love of heat with a liking for haddock might be tempted by the spicy batter alternative on the fish, which will warm the cockles and lends the dish a real zing.