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The Sebright Arms
34 Coate Street, London, E2 9AG
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Arms & Sleepers

Dark Party pres arms and sleepers + support Monday 3rd September Sebright Arms arms and sleepers ARMS AND SLEEPERS originated in the post-rock scene over a decade ago, and while they stilloccasionally perform at post-rock festivals like Dunk!, their music on recent…

Mon 3 Sep

£8.80 / 020 7729 0937

Benjamin Lazar Davis

Benjamin Lazar Davis is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, arranger, composer, and producer based in Brooklyn. His forthcoming full length album Nothing Matters his very first as a solo artist came out of an extensive period of touring followed by a difficult break up. To make the record, Davis spent…

Tue 16 Oct

£11 / 020 7729 0937


Birmingham Promoters presents Bridges plus support at the Sunflower Lounge Monday 12th February 2018.

Wed 31 Oct

£8.96 / 020 7729 0937

Chris Garneau

Dark Party is proud to present Chris Garneau Tuesday 25th September Sebright Arms 730pm Chris Garneau's fourth full-length album, Yours, will be released early 2018. His earlier albums; Music for Tourists LP (2006), C-Sides EP (2007), El Radio LP (2009) and Winter Games LP (2013) have been released in North America…

Tue 25 Sep

£13.20 / 020 7729 0937

Dark Party Pres Hope

Dark Party pres Hope + support Saturday 20th October Sebright Arms Hope "A new, angrier Zeitgeist. - Louder than War Hope are in the Black Phase. Everything around them is obscured. Every lyric and every spark of music, every photograph and every recording is drenched in black. It's not the black…

Sat 20 Oct

£5.50 / 020 7729 0937

Dialtone Digital Presents: Unholy Friday II

Returning for an evening of live performances we invite you to come revel in all things unholy. We've assembled a devil-may-care roster, that will delight in showcasing their musical oddities in cozy settings. Expect off-kilter grooves and a louche mood. ––- "Written and self-produced by the 22-year-old Fredwave himself…

Sun 30 Dec

Prices to be confirmed / 020 7729 0937

Half Waif

Half Waif is the project of Nandi Rose Plunkett, based in Brooklyn, New York. In the home of her Indian mother and Irish/Swiss/American father, Nandi grew up listening to a mix of Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, Celtic songstress Loreena McKennitt and traditional Indian bhajans. In college, she studied classical singing and…

Mon 24 Sep

£8.80 / 020 7729 0937

Helena Deland

Helena Deland's two latest singles, 'There Are A Thousand' and 'Perfect Weather For A Crime' are poetic, catchy, and undeniably magnetic. Helena's voice runs shivers down spines and guides her self-described "sincere pop" to a completely irresistible state. Her songwriting sounds like a more melodically driven Courtney…

Wed 24 Oct

£8.25 / 020 7729 0937

Horse Feathers

US foursome, Horse Feathers, bring 70's country-pop and subtle soul to Birmingham thanks to their sixth full-length album, Appreciation.

Wed 26 Sep

£12.10 / 020 7729 0937

How To Make Friends 2018

Brutalligators Presents HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS 2018 For one day we've brought together some of the best DIY bands in the country to descend on Sebright Arms in London to play music and raise money for Heads Above The Waves, the non-profit that raises awareness for depression and self-harm amongst young people in the…

Sun 5 Aug

£11 / 020 7729 0937


Vienna-based experimental/electronic-pop formation.

Tue 23 Oct

£8 / 020 7729 0937

The Lucid Dream

Carlisle is the home town of these four purveyors of psychedelic pop.

Wed 21 Nov

£11 / 020 7729 0937


The singer-songwriter Francesca Bergami brings her original alternative soul material to the stage.

Thu 4 Oct

£8 / 020 7729 0937

Mosaic Msc

Mosaic MSC + Special guests Sebright Arms 1930 30 July

Mon 30 Jul

£6.60 / 020 7729 0937

Moving Targets First London Date In Over 20 Years, Sebright Arms

Legendary Boston band Moving targets head over to the UK for a short tour as part of a comeback that will see new material recorded. With a fine supporting caste of UK hardcore legends the Stupids, ex-HDQ outfit Diaz Brothers, Simon Wells the great Snuff songwriter and New Zealand punk rock vets Desperate Measures. And…

Sun 28 Oct

£13.20 / 020 7729 0937

Piney Gir

Dark Party pres Piney Gir + support Monday 15th October Sebright Arms Piney Gir Transatlantic pop chameleon Piney Gir returns with a shimmering new single called The Great Pretend, which is a celebration of analogue gear with a sound that nods back to when music was on the cusp…

Mon 15 Oct

£8.80 / 020 7729 0937

Pitch Black

Kiwi audiovisual dub act Pitch Black return to Oslo for another round of bassbin battering, supported by Feral Five and DJ Liquid Lounge

Thu 18 Oct

£13.20 / 020 7729 0937

Polly Presents. Juniore

Polly presents. Juniore + Ellie Bleach Sebright Arms 25 Jul £5 Juniore "I realised my friends were mostly females and fell in love with the idea of a girl band of sorts, like the 60s groups I grew up listening to," says Juniores Anna-Jean. "That's what I wanted most. A kind of sisterhood, made…

Wed 25 Jul

£5.50 / 020 7729 0937


Saintseneca's Zac Little has been thinking a lot about memory. Not necessarily his memories, though they creep in often, too. Rather, he mulls over the idea of memory itself: its resilience, its haziness, how it slips away as we try to hang on, the way it resurfaces despite our best efforts to forget. Memory is the…

Tue 27 Nov

£11 / 020 7729 0937

She Makes War

Gloom-pop solo project of Bristol based multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker and digital polymath Laura Kidd.

Fri 26 Oct

£11 / 020 7729 0937

Skating Polly

Alt rock outfit from Oklahoma consisting of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse.

Mon 10 Sep

Times to be confirmed / Phone for prices / 020 7729 0937

Suburban Living

Birmingham Promoters by arrangement with United Talent presents Suburban Living plus special guests

Fri 23 Nov

£11 / 020 7729 0937

Zkeletonz single launch with Jazz Mino & Kid Cupid

Are you ready? Zkeletonz have created their own unique #POSTPOP sound.

Sun 19 Aug

Free / 020 7729 0937