Blackford Farms

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Blackford Farms
Burnside of Balhaldie, Dunblane, Stirling, FK15 0NB
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Blackford Farms
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The 25,000 acres of Blackford Farm sitting astride the A9 between Dunblane and Gleneagles is home to an ambitious mission to breed the most expensive beef in the world, the legendary Wagyu, in Scotland. The breed from Japan is famed for its extreme fat marbling, commanding headline-making prices of up to £200 a kilo for the prime cuts. Local breeds such as Highland, Shorthorn and Angus cows are acting as surrogate mothers, with the cattle enjoying nearly 10,000 square metres of brand-new, state-of-the-farming-art sheds besides the natural pasture, which is supplemented with pre-cut hay, seaweed and omega oils. Breeder Mohsin Altajir and his wife Martine have plans for an on-farm butcher, and a range of Wagyu sausages and burgers are in the pipeline. For now, this pricey breed turns up in up-market restaurants, with orders also arriving from gourmet butchers in places like London.

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