Nethergate Larder

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Nethergate Larder
Nethergate Farm, Dunlop, East Ayrshire, KA3 4BU
  • Telephone 01560 480461
  • Opening times Mon–Fri 8am–3pm. Closed Sat/Sun.
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Thomson and Arlene McKenzie rear rare-breed pigs, sheep and cattle on their East Ayrshire farm, choosing traditional Scottish breeds known for their hardiness. This means they can graze outdoors on grass all year round. Meat comes through their own butchery to end up on farmers' market stalls in several towns, or in their new shop in Stewarton, No. 1 Avenue Larder. Arlene also makes steak pies and pastries for the shop, using the farm's meat and also veal from Duncan Lyon in Bute.

Ayrshire Larder

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On the hills above Dunlop, Thomson and Arlene McKenzie rear small herds of rare breed, pigs, lambs and cattle. Their choice of native and primitive breeds, including White Park cattle, Tamworth, Gloucester Old Spot and Saddleback pigs along with Badger Face sheep, are recognised for their hardiness and thus are particularly well suited to the Scottish climate. The animals forage outdoors all year round, and for the pigs with the weather on their backs, this results in a much better crackling. The McKenzie's commitment to animal welfare at every stage and the addition of an on site butchery ensures they provide a fully traceable, farm to fork service to their customers. Meat and a range of sausages, bacon, steak pies and pastries, all made by Arlene is available from the farm, No. 1 Avenue Larder in Stewarton and at farmers markets throughout Central Scotland.

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18 Mar 2015

Prospect of a breakfast of Ayrshire bacon, sausages, black pudding and haggis is another big draw

Ayrshire farmers have all the perfect ingredients for producing top quality, flavoursome meat. Mother nature provides the ideal conditions for farming; a mild climate, coupled with high rainfall ensures animals are grazing on lush pastures. With a rich…

Chef's Choice: Mark Davidson on Nethergate Larder

17 Mar 2015

Mark Davidson of Aye Love Real Food swears by Nethergate Larder’s ethically reared pork

‘Ayrshire is famous for the quality of the bacon and pork that it produces and in our opinion nobody does this better than Nethergate Larder. They breed and rear free range Tamworth pigs on their farm just outside Dunlop where all the animals are free…