Highland Fine Cheeses

Highland Fine Cheeses
Blairliath Farm, Shore Road, Tain, Highland, IV19 1EB
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  • Website www.hf-cheeses.com
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Highland Fine Cheeses is a family business established in 1963, manufacturing traditional cheeses unique to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. These have become some of Scotland’s most recognisable cheeses, but distinct branding for each means you may not have connected the dots. Specialising in soft, creamy varieties, the range includes oatmeal and peppercorn covered Black Crowdie, until recently called Gruth Dhu; Caboc, rolled in its trademark pinhead oatmeal; Blue Monday and Strathdon Blue; Highland Crowdie and Highland Brie. The Stone family work from their dairy in Tain, and have been making cheese in the Highlands since 1951.

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  • Open since: 1963

Reviews & features

The art of cheesemaking - As explained by Rory Stone of Highland Fine Cheeses

2 Jul 2013

The act of turning milk into cheese is a delicate balance of science, tradition and craftsmanship

All the world’s myriad cheeses – soft, hard, orange, blue, holey, wrinkled, smelly – spring from one miracle ingredient: milk. But magically turning milk into cheese is far from easy-peasy. For a start, cheese is a living organism, requiring vigilance…

Scotland's best cheeses

1 May 2009

Iain Mellis, along with colleagues Benjamin Newell and Alistair Marr, offers his expertise

Isle of Mull Cheddar Isle of Mull Cheddar is considered by many as the daddy of Scottish cheddars. Strong, fruity and brooding, Isle of Mull cheddar is made from unpasteurised cow’s milk on Sgriob-ruadh (pronounced ‘Ski-brooah’) farm on the tranquil…