Böd Ayre Products Ltd

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Böd Ayre Products Ltd
Hamnavoe Lunnaness, Vidlin, Shetland Islands, ZE2 9DF
  • Telephone 01806 577328
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  • Website www.seaweedproducts.co.uk
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A family-owned business hand-processing seaweed, Bod Ayre sell organically certified edible dried seaweeds in salt-and-pepper-style grinders, sprinkles, and in seaweed oatcakes. Their mission is to position seaweed as the new superfood, and they incorporate it into a wide range of recipes for cakes, fudge, soups, stews, curries and salad dressings. The sea vegetables are harvested sustainably, both for their impact on local ecosystems and continuous supply of seaweed. They also make seaweed fertiliser and animal feed supplements.

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Bod Ayre supply 100% natural and organic edible seaweeds, as well as animal and plant seaweed feeds from the Shetland Islands. Seaweed is harvested by hand, with no machines used, and all products are organically certified by SOPA. Animal seaweed feeds are certified by QMS Assurance Scheme - Feed Standards, and approved by BETA, and the edible seaweeds are accredited by SALSA with production approved by Food Safety. Edible seaweed is dried in the food area, using energy from Bod Ayre's wind turbine.