Stockan's Oatcakes Ltd

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Stockan's Oatcakes Ltd
The Granary 25 North End Road, Stromness, Orkney Islands, KW16 3AG
  • Telephone 01856 850 873
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Stockan's are one of the leading oatcake manufacturers in Scotland, supplying oatcakes and biscuits to the retail and wholesale markets. Their signature product, the oatcake, has a distinctive triangular shape. Stockan's products are widely distributed to retailers including major supermarket chains, and can also be bought by mail order from their website. Stockan's Oatcakes come in four basic varieties, thin, thick, high-baked and cheese flavour, and there is also a range of mini oatcakes and wheat-free Orkney Rounds. The company also produces two savoury biscuit lines, Butter Puffs and Butter Biscuits, and a range of sweet oat biscuits as well as a shortbread.

Reviews & features

Oat Cuisine: a selection of Scotland's definitive biscuit

1 May 2009

Oatcakes are the definitive Scottish biscuit, but there’s a vast range. The Larder got together with Mary Contini in the Valvona & Crolla Food Hall in Jenners to sample a selection.