Highland Wineries at Moniack Castle

Not open to the public.

Highland Wineries at Moniack Castle
Moniack Castle, Kirkhill, Inverness, Highland, IV5 7PQ
Photo of Highland Wineries at Moniack Castle

Phillipa Fraser converted part of her 16th century ancestral family home Moniack Castle into a Winery and started making and selling commercially a range of white and red wines followed by the country wines. In 1980 Highlands Winery became the first business north of Manchester to be granted a license to produce any alcohol apart from whisky. Silver Birch was the first wine to be produced, using the sap from locally tapped birch trees. This was followed by Moniack Mead, Elderflower, Meadow Sweet, Rowanberry and Elderberry. A range of liqueurs was then developed and jellies for eating with meat.

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  • Open since: 1979