Honeyhill Bee Farm

Honeyhill Bee Farm
St Cyrus, Montrose, Angus, DD10 0LG
  • Telephone 01674 850282
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  • Website www.honeyhillbeefarm.com
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Beekeepers and producers of unrefined local clover, blossom and heather honeys.

Angus Larder

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The Honeyhill set clover honey is crying out to be thickly spread on top of freshly made bread and butter, or to be mixed with a wee dram of whisky, a dash of lemon and some hot water for the perfect hot toddy. The heather honey, which, like the clover, looks like toffee in colour, is deliciously rich. The bees spend July and August feasting on the purple heather flowers, the image of which dominates the labels on the honey jars. The List has previously rated the heather honey as one of Scotland's finest examples.

Reviews & features

Honey production in Angus, Scotland

11 Jul 2012

A bittersweet tale of bee-keeping across the glens and the coast

Though perfect landscape for bee-keeping, Angus hasn't escaped the pests and diseases decimating bee communities around the UK.