Trotter's Independent Condiments

Trotter's Independent Condiments
348 High Street, Methil, Fife, KY8 3EJ
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When Byam Trotter left university in 2009 and found that jobs in event management were even harder to come by than he'd expected, he started his own company instead. Trotter's first Independent Condiment was a mostarda, inspired by the fiery fruit-based preserve his parents had tasted on holiday and hadn't been able to find in Scotland. Since then the company has branched out into honey mustard, mojito jelly, a Bloody Mary-flavoured chutney, hot pepper jelly and many other flavours.

Trotter's rely on local producers where possible; the seasonally-available Wild Garlic Pesto uses local garlic, rapeseed oil from Summer Harvest and cheese from St Andrew's Farmhouse Cheese Company. The condiments themselves are available from over 50 stockists in Scotland and England, online shop Gather & Hunt and farmers' markets in Dunfermline, Cupar, Kirkcaldy, St Andrews, Perth, Dundee and Stockbridge.

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