Harbour Café

Harbour Café
Broad Street, Tayport, Fife, DD6 9AJ
  • Telephone 01382 553757
  • Opening times Mon–Sat 9.30am–4pm; Sun 11am–4pm.
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With its big, bright corner windows, aquamarine blue and soft white colours, seaside photos and inclusive spirit, the Harbour Café is a thriving example of a community-run enterprise. Staffed mostly by volunteers and offering a venue for local groups as diverse as mother and toddlers and a Café Science, it's right at the centre of the town and separated by a car park from the yachts in the harbour and the open Firth of Tay beyond. Lunches are uncomplicated and neatly assembled, with daily soup, a dish of the day such as stew, baked potatoes and various filled sandwiches. Either side of the lunchtime rush are opportunities for breakfast or tea and baking, with kids provided for and walkers and cyclists taking advantage of its proximity to the Coastal Path and the Fife Millennium Cycle Route.