The Cocoa Black Chocolate & Pastry School

The Cocoa Black Chocolate & Pastry School
3 Cuddybridge, Peebles, Scottish Borders, EH45 8HX
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The Chocolate & Pastry School

By her own admission, chocolatier, pastry chef and 2013 UK World Chocolate Master Ruth Hinks has the best job in the world. 'I get to mess about with chocolate all day,' she says. 'Can you think of anything better?' It's a natural enthusiasm that comes in handy for teaching at the Chocolate and Pastry School she runs with husband David, and which moved into a brand new space in summer 2016. Behind the fresh enthusiasm there's a solid 25 years in the industry: a former Australian Pastry Chef of the Year and Culinary Olympics winner, Ruth's no stranger to Michelin-starred kitchens. It follows that the school, which first opened in 2009, attracts all levels from keen home cooks to professional pastry chefs and chocolatiers honing their skills. Ruth and David also sell their luxury handmade chocolates, French-style patisserie, coffee, ice-cream and sundaes from the Boutique below the school, as well as online.

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