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1108 Cathcart Road, Glasgow, G42 9EG
  • Telephone 0141 649 3963
  • Food served Sun–Sat 5–11pm
Photo of Stefano's
Eating & Drinking Guide

The 2019/20 edition of The List's Eating & Drinking Guide is out now – only £5.95 (+p&p).

Takeaway pizzas aren't what they used to be – invariably the weak link in a place that flaunts the neon 'Pizzas-Curries-Kebabs' sign, or ruined by a big American chain by sticking a gimmicky stuffed crust round the edge. Stefano's is of the old guard: thin-based affairs with big, irregular blisters and charring on the perimeter, moving towards a chewy centre that can be folded up and crammed into the mouth. Toppings range from the light and simple – 'Bella Lugosi' (cheese, tomato and sweetcorn) –through to sizzling numbers like 'Sloppy Joy' (salami, pepperoni, hot sauce and a chilli pepper). 'Mark Anchovy' is about the only one of all these silly names that actually gives any indication of what sort of pizza it is. But it's not difficult to choose: they sell nothing else, they're a lot cheaper than most places, and the goods are ready in next-to-no time.

  • Delivery: £1.50