Briggs' Shetland Lamb

Briggs' Shetland Lamb
Cuckron, Weisdale, Shetland Islands, ZE2 9LH
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Photo of Briggs' Shetland Lamb
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On his croft at Weisdale in the heart of the Shetland Mainland, Richard Briggs rears 100% Shetland lambs, a breed recognised by the PDO designation as a protected regional food name. Given their relatively small size they are a more manageable prospect sold as a whole lamb, and with all the processing taking place on Shetland a box can be ordered from the website with next-day delivery. Shetland lamb has a reputation for tender, sweet meat, and while Brigg's own animals are reared on classic island pasture, both hill-raised and seaweed-fed lamb from neighbouring crofts can be ordered.

Whole chilled Native Shetland Lamb PDO, freshly butchered and packed for delivery to homes and restaurants. I also sell some Shetland hogget (2 summers old) and some Shetland mutton in the same form.

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