Valvona & Crolla Foodhall at Jenners

These premises have closed.

Valvona & Crolla Foodhall at Jenners
Lomond Shores, Balloch, West Dunbartonshire, G83 8QL
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Photo of Valvona & Crolla Foodhall at Jenners
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2008 marked a major development for Valvona & Crolla when a tie-up with House of Fraser saw them take over the foodhall not just in Princes Street's most famous shop, Jenners, but also in Jenners' outpost at Loch Lomond. The foodhall at Jenners has a stronger emphasis on Scottish products than the original, Italian-dominated Elm Row store in Edinburgh, and while the shortbread is a strong seller, there's also smoked fish, cheese, preserves, chocolates and V&C's ever-solid range of wines and spirits.

Reviews & features

Ice cream days: growing up in an old school ice cream parlour

1 May 2009

Mary Contini of Valvonna & Crolla describes her enviable upbringing

It took two men, my father and Tommy Dougal, to lift up each milk churn and tip it into the stainless-steel vat. It could be four or five churns at a time – even more in July and August when the factory was working at full capacity. Once the 20-gallon…