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Chocolate Tree
5a Knox Place, Haddington, East Lothian, EH41 4DY
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The Chocolate Tree

Artisanal craft chocolate including bean-to-bar made with creativity and a social conscience, sold from their Haddington shop, Edinburgh café and online.

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Aiming to create excellent quality chocolate at affordable prices, the Chocolate Tree is a true labour of love for Friederike and Alastair Gower. From the original idea of touring their chocolate around British music festivals, they now sell from their Bruntsfield shop and café, and [small Haddington shop] ( Committed to local and organic ingredients where possible, all of their products are handcrafted in small batches in their small factory kitchen and also available online. The product range stretches from chocolate bars and truffles to dairy-free hazelnut spread, cakes and churros, as well as spectacular Spanish-style thick hot chocolate and Italian gelato. These are available to buy from their shops and online: if you buy online you can arrange to collect from the factory.

The Chocolate Tree are Scottish pioneers in bean-to-bar chocolate production, importing whole cacoa beans to Scotland and making chocolate from scratch. They work directly with cacao growers, importing beans that are then roasted, winnowed, conched, aged and transformed into bars, chocolates and hot chocolate by Friederike in Haddington. By cutting out the middlemen they can get accurate information about the ingredients they are buying and the farmers can get a much, much better price for their produce. They are in direct contact with cacao suppliers and are completely confident that the beans are farmed ethically and sustainably, even travelling to Peru, Ecuador and Columbia to meet the farmers they buy from.

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