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Peelham Farm Produce
Peelham Farm, Foulden, Scottish Borders, TD15 1UG
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If you fancy owning – and eating – your own pig, Peelham Farm's 'own a Tamworth' scheme aims to connect families with supply, as well as filling up their freezers with high quality, organic meat. The farm's mainstay is free range and rare-breed pork, as well as Llyen lamb and mutton, and Luing beef. Ever-experimental, their most recent development is a range of organic charcuterie, including prosciutto, salami, chorizo and juniper air-dried mutton. A proudly ethical approach also means veal is no longer off the menu: field-raised calves live free-range with their mothers for around nine months producing a ruby veal that is both delicious and compassionate. All three meats are made into sausages, burgers, and haggis, with free-from and gluten-free options, and the on-farm butchery makes the whole range of cuts available online and through local stockists. In 2013 Peelham joined forces with Hugh Grierson Organic to form the Saltire Organic Meat Company, the extra volume available making it easier to supply large-scale foodservice contracts with organic beef.