Border Eggs

Border Eggs
Hutton Hall Barns Hutton, Berwick on Tweed, Scottish Borders, TD15 1TT
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Border Eggs is the egg supplier of Hutton Hall Barns, a family farm in the Scottish Borders that produces organic eggs for sale at its farm shop in Berwick upon Tweed, or from a garden shed at the entrance to the farm, open 24/7. The hens at Hutton Hall Barns are of course free-range, roaming freely with access to grassland and plenty of overhead shading. Radio 2 is played to them throughout the day (there's some evidence that playing music to chickens increases egg production, but it also helps to keep predators away). Eggs are available in various sizes and catering trays are also available. Misshapen eggs, ideal for baking purposes, can also be ordered in catering trays.