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Ella Drinks Ltd
Ella Drinks Ltd
Wandershiell, Aldbar, Brechin, Angus, DD9 6SY
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  • Website www.bouvrage.com
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Producers of Bouvrage raspberry juice, Angus Apples apple juice and Berried diluted fruit drinks.

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Launched in 1998 at the Royal Highland Show, Bouvrage is an all-natural range of award-winning berry juice drinks. The strawberry and raspberries used are Scottish, while the blaeberries come from Finland. The slightly sparkling raspberry drink contains a whole pound of berries in every 750ml bottle. Their juice isn't just good because there is no added sugar but also because the berries have anti-bacterial medicinal qualities that are meant to help alleviate stress. They recently started producing Angus Apples, a drink made from Scottish apples from their orchard and elsewhere around Angus.

Reviews & features

Appley ever after

10 May 2017

Reviving the apple orchards of Angus

Dotted across Angus are walled gardens built in the days of the British Empire when a family relied on a retinue of domestic servants to supply fruit and vegetables all year round. Nowadays the empire and the servants are long gone, but the apple trees…

Orchard fresh apple juice from Angus

27 Feb 2015

Ella Drinks of Brechin using windfall from local orchards to expand range of Scottish soft drinks

Established in 1998 in Alloa, Ella Drinks hit the market with their now widely marketed fruit juice Bouvrage, the intention of which was to make a drink which tasted as close as possible to fresh Scottish raspberries. Although Bouvrage contains some…

How science in Angus has changed international farming

9 Jul 2012

A hotbed of farming research, many eat the fruits of Angus' labour

Whisky, luxury fruit juice and supermarket strawberries might not, on the face of it, have much in common. Yet, as Hannah Ewan learns, they’re all the focus of research and innovation being put into practice in Angus’ fields.