Andy Race Fish Merchants

Andy Race Fish Merchants
The Harbour, Mallaig, Highland, PH41 4PX
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Andy Race Fish Merchants are renowned for their Scottish peat-smoked fish, including kippers, organic salmon and shellfish, all traditionally hot and cold smoked without using any dyes. Having supplied to many of Scotland’s most prestigious hotels for over 25 years, a mail order service was introduced to allow direct sales to the public. Taster packs are available to make it easy to try most popular products such as smoked trout, kippers, organic salmon, Finnan haddies and mackerel.

Reviews & features

Smoking Scottish seafood with peat

17 Sep 2010

The unmistakable whiff of peat smoke is something we associate with crofting townships or whisky distilleries. For a few Scottish fish smokers, it’s the sweet smell of success, as David Pollock discovers.

Robert Macpherson, head chef at the Isle of Eriska Hotel, on Andy Race Fish Merchants

1 May 2009

Chef's Choice

Andy Race has delivered fish and shellfish to the Isle of Eriska for several decades, establishing himself as a supplier long before I joined the hotel in 1998. I first came across Andy’s company as a trainee chef more than 26 years ago, so I feel that…