Lupe Pintos

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Lupe Pintos
24 Leven Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9NJ
  • Telephone 0131 228 6241
  • Opening times Mon–Wed & Sat 10am–6pm; Thu/Fri 10am–7pm; Sun 12.30–5.30pm.
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Photo of Lupe Pintos

No more does your evening meal have to be beholden to the afterthought of an express supermarket's 'round the world' section: Lupe Pintos has been a one-stop shop for the spice lover for over 20 years. Mexican, Caribbean, American, Asian and generally all things spicy (choose from over 30 varieties of chilli pepper), they import larder staples, chorizo, hot sauces, teas, snacks, tins of things like green pigeon peas and, of course, tequila, in up to 35 varieties. Owner Doug Bell is particularly well versed in Spanish wines, stocking some that are so obscure they're not usually seen outside Spanish borders. Their A–Z of spices is so comprehensive they've very rarely been caught out – basically, if you seek it, you'll find it here. He and partner Rhoda's dedication has spawned the annual Chili Cook-Off, a judge-adjudicated search of Edinburgh and Glasgow's restaurants to find the ultimate example of this hotly contested dish that was attended by over 1000 people across the two cities in 2012.

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