Stoats Porridge Bars

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Stoats Porridge Bars
24 West Telferton, Edinburgh, EH7 6UL
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Stoats, founded in 2004, are really, really enthusiastic about porridge. The company began as a mobile provider of fresh porridge to customers at music festivals, but customers queueing at the Stoats Porridge Bar were sometimes confused that they weren't selling actual bars made of porridge – so they created some, as well as a range of other porridge products. These are now available from a wide number of retailers across Scotland as well as from the Stoats online shop. In the meantime, the mobile porridge van still dispenses the oaty stuff to customers at outdoor events and farmers' markets.Stoats porridge bars are made mostly of oats with added sugar, butter and other ingredients, although they also have a range of dairy- and wheat-free bars. Stoats porridge bars come in a variety of flavours including original, blueberry & honey, fig & date and white chocolate & hazelnut. The company also produces packaged oatmeal and oatmeal blends for people wanting to make their own porridge; porridge pots, containing skimmed milk powder, for making portable porridge; Oat Crunch, a form of granola; pre- and post-training sports bars, and oatcakes.

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