Connage Highland Dairy

Connage Highland Dairy
Milton of Connage, Ardersier, Inverness, Highland, IV2 7QU
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Connage Highland Dairy is a traditional, family-owned, fully organic business. A family business in the true sense of the word, Connage is owned by brothers Callum and Cameron and their wives Jill and Eileen. Callum and Jill manage the cheese side of the business. Cameron and Eileen undertake the majority of the work on the farm themselves, from breeding and managing the dairy herd to milking them. The organic dairy herd of 150 cows, mostly Holstein Friesian with Jersey crosses and Norwegian Reds, graze the luscious clover pastures around the dairy and along the shores of the Moray Firth. From their state-of-the-art cheese dairy they use traditional techniques to produce a range of organic, hand-crafted vegetarian cheeses and yoghurt. These can be bought online, wholesale or direct from the Connage Pantry, the dairy shop. Visitors can look through the big window in the Ardesier farm shop to see their three hard and four soft cheeses being made. Dunlop comes in smoked and unsmoked versions, and they have teamed up with the Hebridean Smokehouse in North Uist to make Bradan is Gruth - peat-smoked salmon mixed with Connage Crowdie.

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