Ashers Bakery Ltd.

Ashers Bakery Ltd.
Ashers Bakery Ltd.
Unit 10, Balmakeith Industrial Estate, Nairn, Highland, IV12 5QW
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Asher's go back a long way: James Asher, great-grandfather of the present managing directors, opened his first bakery shop in Nairn in 1877. Since then they've thrived as one of the leading retail bakeries in Scotland, with branches as far north as Inverness and as far south as Paisley.

Besides their retail outlets, Asher's have an online shop which sells the only kind of baked goods that can be sensibly sold from an online shop: cakes. Their range includes liqueur cakes (Chocolate & Grand Marnier, Apricot and peach schnapps and Irish coffee liqueur), single malt whisky cakes (in Highland, Islay and Speyside flavours) and celebration cakes made to order, plus multipacks of butteries, Aberdeen's lard-enriched cousin of the croissant.

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