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The Granary
32–34 The Shore, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6QN
  • Telephone 0131 554 9465
  • Opening times Mon–Wed 11am–11pm; Thu & Fri 11am–2am; Sat 10am–2am; Sun 10am–midnight.
  • Bar open Mon-Wed 11am-11pm; Thu/Fri 11-1am; Sat 10-1am; Sun 10am-midnight
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The Granary serves quality hearty food in a comfortable homely setting down by the Leith docks. Experience food that will warm your cockles and leave a lasting impression on your tastebuds.

Sitting on the Leith Shore front, in an area brimming with stylish, top quality bars and Michelin star restaurants, The Granary is building a reputation for serving high quality food alongside premium beer, wines and cocktails.

We have a wide variety of products to suit all tastes from our locally caught haggis to imported lager from India, from fair trade tea and coffee to fresh homemade scones and shortbread.

Come in and see for yourself, sit in front of our fabulous fire, a glass of wine in one hand and home baking in the other.

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  • Private dining: Up to 40 covers
  • Provides: Vegetarian options (at least ¼ main courses), Gluten-free options, Children's portions, Children's high chairs, Wheelchair access, Outdoor tables, Live music, Free wi-fi
  • Music on stereo: Chilled Funky
  • Capacity: 70
  • Largest group: 150
  • Open since: December 2006
  • Number of wines sold by the glass: 10
  • House wine: £12.50 per bottle

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27. occulus26 Aug 2013, 10:55am1 star The Granary Report

The Granary refused to pay the booked live band on Sat 24th Aug 2013. Account from a friend:

"Massively unimpressed at the management in The Granary last night - after playing a 2hr set which everyone was loving, we get told we aren't going to get paid because we stopped at 12 rather than 12.30. We said we would play on but the manager actually told us to **** off. At this point Austen gets on the mic and tells the whole bar we ain't being paid. Funnily enough everyone left shortly after, but not before most of them telling the manager he was being a total bawbag....what a ******* joke. So aye, don't play at the Granary, they treat you like ******* animals."

Don't bother with this place, the management are awful.

26. edinburgh food24 Mar 2012, 11:16am1 star The Granary Report


We made the mistake of visiting the granary last Saturday with some friends. We turned up without a reservation and were told there would be a 20 minute wait. After an hour and no updates from the unhelpful staff we were eventually shown to a table. The waiter was quite rude when my partner asked for a starter in place of a main as she was not very hungry.

The service was dreadful and numerous mistakes were made with a straightforward order for 6 people. For example a friend ordered a sauce with his overcooked steak (which resembled a piece of old shoe leather). The microwaved packet sauce eventually surfaced when he was almost finished his main course. I had what I think what used to be chicken. It was dried out and I wasn't able to finish the over-priced portion.

Compared with any of the other restaurants in the Shore area in Leith this is one to definitely avoid. Even a visit to the 'golden arches' would yield better quality food and service, and certainly cheaper at that!

25. DAC6 Dec 2011, 12:51pm5 stars The Granary Report

I recently dined at the Granary with some friends and family and I have to say I was more than impressed. The service was great and efficient and the food was truly amazing.

This place is so under rated.

Will definitely be back!!

24. Gdud16 Jun 2011, 10:25pm1 star The Granary Report

Absolutely terrible! There was lead shot in the game terrine, the steak was tough and the monk fish looked like it has just been defrosted. My advice is to goto the Kings Walk, Fishers, the Shore or even Pizza Express for better food.

23. Katherine Arthur18 May 2011, 11:36pm Report

A few days ago I went there with some friends for some dinner.
At first it hit us the nice warm athmosphere in the place but soon we were dissapointed with the service as the waitress didn't manage to get the drinks we had ordered and mixed them up with another table's only to just look bother to make an effort to take them back to the bar and get what we really asked for.
The food was actually the best part of the night but there seem to be lots of problems with where it was meant to go as our table and a few others had received the wrong food just because the organitation seemed to lack common sense.
The manager was never there and she didn't seem to bother with her job when she actually was.
Overall it could be a good place if they had better organization, until that happens I don't think I will be back.

22. CS3 Apr 2011, 7:27pm Report

We called the Granary to ask if they were child friendly we were told they were and the waitress asked when we were coming down, however they did not tell us that they were very busy and would have to book. We arrived there and they asked us to wait for a table for half an hour. We took a table upstairs and ordered drinks and waited half an hour. The waitress then came and said we could eat at the table we were at? why then did it take half an hour for us to be able to order?? When we eventually ordered we asked for 4 different items from the menu and were told there was none. We then ordered 2 sunday roasts. The waitress went to check there was 2 left and came back to tell us there was. once we had ordered another waitress came to tell us that there was only 1 roast as the other had just been ordered. Why when the waitress went to check there was 2 did she not say to keep them for our table?? When the food eventually arrived around 40 minutes later all 4 meals were luke warm. We spoke with the waitress about our complaints and she told us she would pass it on. She then came back and said we could have free desert and coffee which we had no intention of having in the first place. We then went to pay and spoke with another waitress who was lovely and very apologetic. The manageress was aware of our complaints and was around when we were talking to the waitress. However she did not acknowledge our presence when complaining or make any form of apology instead leaving this to the other junior staff. Poor management by my standards. We then were given 20% off the bill which amounted to a mear £5. We then asked for a bowl of icecream for our 3 year old and were told there was none!!! Absolutely shocking for a well established, popular and relatively expensive eatery. We regularly dine out and probably drink too much and spend alot of money! One of us is also in the industry.we will not be back to the granary! and I will post this on as many restaurant review sites I can find.

21. MK30 Mar 2011, 3:10pm1 star The Granary Report

One does wonder whether the person who wrote this review ('you'll definitely want to linger.....') has actually been to The Granary.

My husband and I popped in to The Granary for what we thought would be a nice Saturday lunch. Started with (cheap quality) olives and a glass of water, then waited 40 mins for a portobello mushroom burger and a Caesar salad. Had to practically beg for additional water in the wait, and received only a brief apology from the manager as to the delay in receiving our meals. Three bites into my chicken caesar salad revealed a piece of grilled chicken that was raw in the middle. Several other pieces of chicken were quite pink so sent the salad back to the kitchen, at which point we overheard the waitress say to the kitchen that the chicken was underdone 'again' (clearly a repeat occurrence.....). We got the salad taken off the bill while my husband finished his (underwhelming) main, which included chips that were undercooked in the middle, but burnt on the outside.

Service & food extremely poor - we won't be returning.

20. Rosy Rosie6 Mar 2011, 6:15pm Report

Lovely girl behind the bar, said she was new, I hope she finds a decent place to work in soon. They didn't have what I wanted, so opted for something else, fair enough. Meanwhile, friend's order came first, mine wasn't ready because of an order mix up. Lovely girl offered to take friend's away until mine was ready, when both meals arrived both were barely lukewarm. Wine glasses dirty. Expensive too. All in all really disappointing that this lovely area of Leith shore is let down by this place, there are plenty of other good places to go around here, won't be going back.

19. Douglas6 Mar 2011, 3:32pm Report

I will never go to The Granary again. As a regular I was deeply offended when I was accosted by a waitress and presented with a duplicate bill from the friday before saying I had not paid. I am dyslexic and I was taken off guard. I could not remember if I had paid cash or card or to whom and I was unable to prove my innocence in the moment. I was also aggressively told in content that there were staff witnesses and CCTV footage to prove it. I paid the amount at the end of the evening to put things right but not as an admission of guilt. The next agin day I found the receipt that proved I had paid and I found the amount on my bank statement. I think that it is a travesty of justice that regular customers can be accused of theft and their words of protestation at their innocence are not believed. Some of the staff in this place are excellent but such a bad experience darkens my view of the place for life.

18. CMBDii18 Oct 2010, 1:45pm1 star The Granary Report

Not happy, I went yesterday with my friend after running 10k, we hadn't eaten and were starving and looking for a good feed, we didn't get one. My friend had a Caesar salad which only had a sprinkling of chicken and a tablespoon of sauce and loads of lettuce. I had a frittata which had badly cooked aubergine and no flavour and chips that were burnt to a crisp. The lady that served us looked miserable. The star is for the bowl of melted cheese and the place looks nice. I'll never go again.

17. SusieQ1 Sep 2010, 3:27pm1 star The Granary Report

The Granary gets 1 star from me, only for the quality of the food, which was good. Otherwise, I'm sorry to say, the experience was very poor. A lovely place but we were in an hour and all the staff had provided was a menu and a glass of water each. This was lunch time on a Saturday but it wasn't too busy. The staff didn't seem in too much of a hurry for anything and we had to ask twice for various things which never arrived. The food once it arrived was great, however I won't be returning due to the very poor service.

16. Andie M23 Aug 2010, 1:50pm1 star The Granary Report

I was under-whelmed by The Granary, went for brunch on Sunday and the service was very slow and bordering on rude. Our food took over one hour to arrive and by the time we were served we had no cutlery, no butter for our toast, we didn't even bother ordering more drinks as we felt we would have to wait ages. We had 2 hours for brunch before we had to head back to Glasgow and by the time we were halfway through our food we were all clock watching. The food when it arrived (in stages) was fine but not worth the wait and the staff make this a place I would not wish to return to. I will be taking my pennies elsewhere

15. kc22 Aug 2010, 11:36pm Report

AWFUL, AWFUL Truely AWFUL. Unfortunately because it didn't seem like there was any managerial staff in the resturant, it almost seems like it was a complete waste of time complaining about the BAD service because they just truely didn't care! The man who seems to be the head staff, with the white shirt, and the bar man both had a giggle behind the bar as customers complain. Whilst paying for our meal, the barman asked 'did you enjoy your meal' - i think this a deliberate attempt to set us off in a big rant of how bad the food and service has been...he didn't even apologise and responded with 'this is my last day anyway, this is the usual service'....???? Who runs a business like this? Is this some kind of money laundering business? I can't possibly see how they can keep a resturant in business with such bad service! what a waste of a good location, and space for such a bad business! G1 - sort this out! Loving your description on your wesbite - ''The Granary serves quality hearty food in comfortable homely setting down by the Leith docks. Experience food that will warm your cockles and leave a lasting impression on your tastebuds' - who did you actually employ to write this nonsense? obviously someone who has never experienced eating in the resturant! Made me laugh so hard! DO NOT EAT IN THIS PLACE - stupid smirk in the waiter and bar staff makes you just want to punch their silly little faces and knock some sense into them!

14. Kiki Dee22 Aug 2010, 5:36pm Report

Absolutely THE worst service I have ever experienced in my life. Do not bother, unless you're just going in for a drink. And even then, only cause it's a lovely spot.

Went in for brunch this morning - not one member of staff could be bothered to serve us. I ordered eggs benedict, to get only one egg.. And when I asked where the other one was, the guy serving (who I think was manager, so unwelcoming and underwhelming) couldn't care less and questioned whether any restaurant ever in the world served it different to them! We waited over an hour for food, even though we were one of only 3 tables in, we had to ask several times for cutlery and, not getting anywhere, had to scavenge clean cutlery from other tables! At no point did anyone check we were ok, let alone see if we wanted more drinks or apologise for the wait. UNBELIEVABLE.

I cannot believe G1 can let this place continue as it is - particularly given that the absolutely appalling service is clearly not s one off.

It's disgraceful and they're lucky we actually paid the bill. Will never ever go back. Shame really as it could be (and indeed used to be) a fantastic place to go.

I am stunned that G1

13. BFS197028 Jun 2010, 2:55pm1 star The Granary Report

Went for dinner on Sunday 27th July and when I ask if I could use the List card, no one from the staff seemed to know what it was. They however agreed to honour the offer, but when we got the bill only 1 of the main courses was discounted not the starters. Eventually they did amend the bill accordingly but could feel that not over the moon about it.
Food quality was also quite poor, and had to send back the main course as the hand cut chips were very greasy and burnt only to be replaced by similar quality. Would not recommend as a place to dine which is a shame as they have a perfect location for a drink in the sun.

12. JT29 Mar 2010, 10:01am Report

A truly awful Sunday breakfast experience. Our order had clearly been forgotten about as people that had arrived after us were being served. When we complained after waiting more than an hour we were told it was because our order (for 5 people) was larger and took longer!

When the food finally arrived it was terrible - the poached egg could have been used as a squash ball. Note to kitchen: 'toast' - sliced bread that has been browned by dry heat.

Please do not go here if you want good service and food.

11. Flori,11 Mar 2010, 12:59pm Report

I have lunched at the Granary before and the food and the service have been quite good. However my last visit there was a huge disapointment. To start with the service was slow, even though there were very few people in the restaurant, but the biggest disapointment was the quality of the food. One of our group ordered steak in ciabatta bread, which turned out to be very meager slices of tasteless beef in a very pale tasteless ciabatta role served with a rather pathetic limp side salad. Another ordered fish and chips, the food looked like it had been lying around most of the day, the fish was small and thin, the chips overcooked. I ordered the mince and tatties; the mince looked as if it had just been browned off in a pan and poured straight into a dish with a couple of new potatoes, and undercooked carrots and green beans thrown in. On top of everything else the place was freezing cold, we all sat with our jackets on to keep warm. The whole experience was well below the standard you would expect, and embarrassing for me as I had suggested we go there in the first place. In different circumstances I would have complained, and sent the food back, but we only had an hour for lunch so did not have the time to make a fuss, we just payed up and left, never to return I might add!

10. Tori22 Feb 2010, 9:51am Report

I used to like the Granary but recently their service has gone more & more downhill so I won't be back! Food is ok if you can be bothered waiting on it. I was in at the weekend & was prepared to put up with the slow service but hadn't expected it to be quite as awful as it was. It took 15 minutes for someone to take our order. Another half an hour later our food still hadn't arrived (we only ordered soup & a sandwich which doesn't take long to make). When I asked the waiter how much longer it would be, his response was "You've had your food". When I assured him we hadn't I was flabbergasted by his response - "I'd swear you've had your food". I couldn't believe it! He was trying to accuse us of pulling a fast one on him!! I explained I wasn't willing to wait any longer & was going to go elsewhere. They let us have our drinks for free but that was all they did to try to make it up to us. Slow service & rude staff do not make for a nice meal out!

9. olip7410 Jan 2010, 10:03pm1 star The Granary Report


We went to the Granary as part of a set menu promotion so we didn't expect much but they still managed to under-deliver. The bar seems to be quite trendy and thumping music greeted us on our arrival but, thankfully, the dining area at the rear was quieter. This area is quite dim and the decor is a bit plain.

It took them two hours to serve us two courses, despite being almost empty and there being two waitresses. I ordered soup which was supposed to come with bread and, after waiting ten minutes for a waitress to appear and asking about this, she then failed to bring any! She even failed to apologise later so I can only assume she had totally forgotten or was a good actress.

The food was pared back to the minimum but was verging on poor value, even in view of the promotion. The other tables seemed to be waiting even longer for their food than us and we decided to skip dessert as it was almost half past ten. I think this is the only time I have ever left a pittance as a tip but they didn't even deserve that.

8. Jinnyren14 Oct 2009, 2:11pm Report

I went to the Granary with my friend for a quick lunch on Sat.. the service was very poor.. it wasnt even that busy! The food had to be sent back!

We didnt get an apology and when I got the bill at last ( after asking four different people ) they had charged us for the food we sent back and three bottles of wine?! Even tho we hadnt even had these!!

When I asked them to change the bill it took them a further 20 mins to sort it out... I would not go back

7. dicat13 Aug 2009, 1:24pm Report

The service received was such a shame. First visit there at the wkd for a girlie lunch, welcomed in, great seat, ordered cocktails and lunch. 2 friends chose the soup and sandwich of the day, myself a wrap.

Soup and sandwich arrived which were completely different, when queried why they were not what was written on the board the server advised 'Oh, those were yesterdays' completely dead pan. Food was then taken back to kitchen. New order taken for friends with the mumbled promise of not being charged for their lunches.

Lunches finished. Plates taken away. and for the next 45 mins not a waiter was seen in the area. Did we want more drinks, dessert? coffee? They obviously did not care. After threatening to walk out unless a bill was delivered very soon, a bill soon arrived, with all 3 lunches on. We left money for my lunch and our drinks and left.

Another 2 people came and left without any service during our time there.

Its such a shame for a fantastic looking venue. Why is good service so difficult?

6. Jenniferdharma3 Aug 2009, 10:31am Report

Celebrated our wedding anniversary here... so good place, good service not to mention good food.. highly recommended!

Best regards,
Internet Marketing Officer
Dharma Consult Business Coach

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4. Rab16 Feb 2009, 2:15am2 stars The Granary Report

We went for a mildly unpleasant Valentine's supper.

For starters, the music was awful. There was a fellow somewhere playing piano and singing torturous lounge renditions of what could vaguely be called love songs. We were noticeably relieved when he stopped. But later they switched the recorded music to club and hip hop, which was fine for a get-steamed-bar but not a nice restaurant.

The food was uninspiring. The menu selection for the set meal was unappealing. Most of it was unappealing. The appetisers were tasty, and sadly the best part of the meal, so the disappointment from what was to follow was unexpected. The bread was gooey, as if undercooked, and they forgot to include butter. The sorbet with falming sambuca was a gimmick. Our steaks were thin and overcoked, served on a bed of wilted lettuce, with sparse bits of jerusalem artichoke and strips of bacon fat. (Sad, because this seemd like the most exciting thing on the menu!) We sent them back, and eventually received rare steaks, again on wilted lettuce. (If we're paying £24 for a dinner, we're going to have the steaks as we ordered them!) Deserts were uninspiring.

Service was below what we'd expect for a nice restaurant, perhaps due to it being so busy. But after we sent the steaks back, the staff ignored our attempts to get their attention. Their loss: we didn't order additional drinks, and we won't be coming back.

3. Magnus11 Jan 2009, 1:21pm Report

Visited the Granary on Saturday night 10th January. Went in at 9.50 pm to be told they had stopped serving (Advertises to 10pm) Then order a beer and glass of sparkling wine for my girlfriend. i was Charged £10.05 for this. (They had no sparkling wine so gave me Champagne instead without checking first??). Then the barman (presumably realising what he had done) tried to avoid serving me for the next half hour until i shouted on him for help. When his colleague served me and i explained my displeasure at the entire experience he did provide a second glass of Champagne for my girlfriend free of charge. (The bottle would have been spoiled otherwise!!). We left to Gulianos Italian across the road where they were happy to feed us after closing time. Tells a story indeed. I will not be visting The Granary again !!!! Shocking!!

2. Mark_Edinburgh11 Nov 2008, 1:16pm4 stars The Granary Report

Used my List card here on Saturday and it was great. Service was friendly and attentive and the food was very good indeed.

1. Claire4 Oct 2008, 1:26pm Report

Went for Lunch last weekend and the service & food was extremely poor. Waited 1 hour for the starters due to a mix up with our order, waited 15 - 20 minutes for drinks and food was greasy and cold so overall not a great experience. Have dined there previously with no problems but would not go back again now as kitchen and front of house struggled with service and no management in attendance to deal with issues. We were not the only ones having a bad experience as there were numerous tables returning food and complaining around us and staff having to apologies to most people in the restaurant. Would not recommend of return.

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